James Bond Spectre Relaxation Experience - Sölden, Austria
  • James Bond Spectre Relaxation Experience - Sölden, Austria



    To celebrate the release of No Time to Die on November 2020, Living Reel has created a unique VIP experience perfect for fans of James Bond but also for those who are looking for the perfect relaxing holiday in the beautiful landscapes of the Austrain mountains. 


    Customers of this package will be able to enjoy the most scenic views in the whole of Austria whilst living a lifestyle worth of Bond or a Bond Villian. By booking this experience via Living Reel, we'll be able to both save you money and provide extra luxury elements to your James Bond experience for no additional cost. This package is currently priced at €719,00.00 per person but by booking with Living Reel we'll be able to provide you greater value and a greater experience.  




    For those of you who have seen Spectre, one of the most impressive locations was shot at the famous Ice Q resteraunt on the Gaislachkogl mountain peak as an exclusive filming location in Tyrol. In January and February 2015 Daniel Craig alias James Bond and five hundred of his colleagues and film crew came to Sölden – the hotspot of the Alps. And it is little wonder – barely anywhere else is there a more spectacular venue. The abundant snow and the glacier tunnel provided a noteworthy setting for the action-packed pursuits.


    This is something director Sam Mendes was aware of – and the valley of the three-thousand metre mountains, as Ötztal is often called, without further ado, became the backdrop for key and speedy action scenes in the blockbuster. The gourmet restaurant ice Q at 3,048 metres altitude was not only significant as a luxurious dining area for the actor. The futuristic architecture also had a key role to play in the film – but not as a gourmet restaurant, but as a futuristic clinic, where Bond’s opposite Christoph Waltz got up to evil doings.




    Purchasing this package you will get 4 nights at a four star hotel (can upgrade for 5 star upon enquiry), including half board - which provides you with luxury breakfast and one other meal each day. In true MI5 bond fashion, the hotel is a secret until you've made your enquiry, but some examples of what you could expect are given in the imagery. 


    Not only will you be staying near one of the best hotspots for skiing in the Alps, and also at a legendary James Bond location, but you will recive free tickets to view the amazing 007 Element interactive instalation/Museum (where the scenes were filmed), free gondola rides,  free travel on all bus lines in Ötztal, a luxury 3 course meal at the Ice Q gourmet resteraunt at 3,048m above sea level, 1 guided Snow shoeing tour (Tues & Fri), and finally 1 day toboggan ticket and toboggan rent. 


    Overall this not only provide a terrific experience for all Bond fans, but also excellent value for what is included. 


    The experience includes 4 nights at a ****hotel including half board, free travel on all bus lines in Ötztal, combined ticket 007 ELEMENTS & gondola ride, 3 course menue at Ice Q gourmet restaurant at 3,048m above sea level, 1 guided snow shoeing tour (Tue & Fri), 1 day toboggan ticket and toboggan rent all from € 719,00 per person. All inclusions in the package are subject to availability. To book, reach out to the Living Reel team at info@livingreel.co.uk who can handle negotiations on price and also provide other luxury elements. Full options are given upon enquiry. 


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