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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

One question we get asked is, why start this company? The answer is simple - we love films. We love TV shows. We love Video Games. We’ve loved all of them since we were just kids - taken to the big screen by our parents to watch Star Wars (cue Jar Jar Binks memories). Or when we first caught an episode of Spider-man on the TV, or when we first got our hands on Rayman on the PS1 (yes, now we feel old).

As we grew older, our tastes changed. Our favourites transitioned from the animated 90’s Spider-man show to 2010’s character driven Breaking Bad. From pixelated Rayman to almost photo realistic Red Dead Redemption. But what never changed for us, and many millions around the world, is a desire to escape for an hour or two into the world of great stories, locations, characters etc…

What if we told you that you could continue the journey deeper into your favourite films, shows and games? What if there were more ways to experience your favourite stories, characters and worlds? Well, today there are so many ways to experience more of the stories that we love. From studio tours, themed cocktail bars, themed hotels and holidays, theatre shows, immersive experiences, pop-up screenings, VR pop-ups, conventions and exhibitions, cast meet & greets (the list goes on)... there's simply an avalanche of methods to continue the adventure beyond the screen.

What is in it for everyone?

The attraction of this goes beyond just fan boys and girls though. People love these experiences not just because it allows us to connect to stories that we felt emotionally attached to, but because in a world where we are stuck inside all day, scrolling mindlessly on social media, these experiences offer us different, and uniquely fun ways to have fun and socialise with friends, partners, parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, work colleagues and so on...

Finding these experiences should be easy to find and book. For the fans - you should be able to get great deals on the experiences you choose from (god knows fans already get rinsed for every penny on merchandise). And most of all, you should never have to worry about missing out on the experience of your dreams just because you ‘found out after the event happened’ or it's 'fully booked'. We keep our members informed on their dream experiences, so they no longer need to keep searching - we do the heavy lifting and deliver great savings.

Now if you’re still not sure, after all this, why we started Living Reel? Well, have a look at the experiences on our site - book one you like the look of. Have a go. Once you’ve gone to one experience, you’ll soon see what all the fuss is about.


Charlie & Ash

(Founders of Living Reel)

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