What fun experiences to do despite Covid-19?

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

We all want some fun experiences to enjoy with our family or friends. Well, we got you sorted. A bunch of new experiences perfect for fans of movies or TV shows are popping up, and we know how much they are, where to find them and how to get you a discount...

With widespread closures of cinemas as part of the heavy measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, drive-in movie theatres around the world and in the UK, where social distancing is guaranteed, have been enjoying new-found popularity!

The drive thru cinema's are back and all improved...

There are multiple drive thru cinema's that have popped into action across the UK. Luna Cinema is one that is heading up the new wave. They've brought back cinema whilst adhering to social distancing measures. In turn, they've developed the ultimate drive-in experience. 

New investment in 'state of the art' sound and screens (Sound that plays inside your car), a fantastic selection of food and drink (all with contactless ordering and delivery) and a selection of some of the best films ever made. For all the outdoor film fans, this is the perfect treat and a way to bring us back to a nostalgic 1950's Hollywood. vibe. Going to Luna Cinema Drive thru, you’ll have your own wireless speaker system that sits on your dashboard, which will be properly sanitised between uses. This speaker will not only deliver high quality audio directly to you, but it also means you don’t have to use your car’s radio for the screening, meaning no need to run your engine and no risk of flat car batteries! 

Meanwhile the food on offer is fantastic too. When you place an order, it will even be sent straight to a bar and catering partners, who will get to work on preparing your orders right away, whilst adhering to strict health and hygiene standards. Once your order is ready, it’ll be whizzed over to you by our waiters/waitresses on scooters and roller skates, with contactless delivery direct to the bonnet of your car - pippin' hot and fresh.

Meanwhile, another company called 'the Drive In', will provide all this as well as live actors, and comedy stand-up, meaning that you hardcore cinephiles have more than enough to keep you entertained!  

If you're interested in booking some of these experiences, search for them under our experiences tab or contact us directly and we could deliver you great discounts!

Airbnb are opening up some great 'Harry Potter' and 'Killing Eve' experiences - perfect for the family!

If you're looking to get out the house and book a place more entertaining to stay for the whole family, then look no further. Perfect for birthday's or family celebrations for Potter fans, this Airbnb Wizards Way house, located in Florida, has eight bedrooms, with space for more than 16 guests.

But the best part is that each room pays tribute to a different part of the magical tale. Guests are spoilt for choice when it comes to bedrooms – with one featuring a Whomping Willow bed, another with an impressive Hogwarts Express bed and another room which resembles Dumbledore’s office. Others have been designed to look like the house dormitories from the films.

There’s also a forbidden forest theatre room and a staircase packed full of paintings to resemble the portrait-cladded walls of Hogwarts. The house even features a games room which has been designed to look like the Quidditch stadium at Hogwarts – with no details spared.

Alternatively, if you're more into the Killing Eve vibe, there's something for you too...

Being cooped up inside the same four walls for 10 weeks has got us thinking about our next holiday. And, since we are watching more TV than ever, it’s natural to look to some of our favourite shows for getaway inspiration.

The good news is that the real-life Barcelona apartment that features in the third season of Killing Eve is available to rent on Airbnb. In the third series of the hit show, Villanelle swaps her Parisian flat for a spacious Art Nouveau apartment in Spain. Now, you can enjoy it yourself - all through Airbnb!

If you're a FRIENDS super fan, then its time to get some FRIENDS kitchenware set from Central Perk! A perfect gift idea.

Ever wanted some FRIENDS-branded crockery? Well, that's definitely a thing you can buy now.

Over at, they're giving fans of the iconic American sitcom a chance to buy a three-piece dining set from Central Perk, consisting of a large dinner plate, one dinner bowl, and a coffee mug.

The collection, which will be officially released on June 24, is now available to pre-order for around £39.99 with free shipping.

Perfect for the friends you have, that love the FRIENDS you watch!

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