From the endearing simplicity of 1972’s pong to the complexity of Star Citizen’s multiplayer universe, video games have certainly come a long way. Not only has the technology improved but also the size of its appeal. Driven by the demand of more games year in year out, companies now offer more types of experiences than ever. From the competitive Call of Duty series to the every-day-life simulator The Sims and its launch parties, there’s bound to be a perfect title and a perfect experience for anyone.

With such booming demand, it only makes sense that events catering to its following are sprouting everywhere. Some of them are organised to showcase the latest advancements, others have educational purposes and some are just big geekfests where we gamers get to share our passion for everything gaming.

What we do is to find as many of these events and experiences possible and make it easier for you to attend the best gaming experiences/events and have all the benefits that are provided when booking through us (the great deals, the accommodation on offer, the cosplay on discount etc…). No matter the game, we’re here to make sure that we help bring your fantasies alive just like we do for your films and TV shows.

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