The Drive In: Toy Story (Leeds)

The Drive In: Toy Story (Leeds)


TheDriveIn brings you the classic computer animated - Toy Story - in a fully loaded drive in cinema experience that brings a whole host of drive in activities to several cities across the UK.

Spending time with the family is priceless. No this isn’t an ad for MasterCard (for those familiar with the slogan). We’ve created a category of experiences that is dedicated to delivering great family moments. We believe that as a family we watch and enjoy some of the greatest films and TV shows, so we don’t we enjoy the next step too – great experiences.


Finding things to do as a family shouldn’t be hard, nor too expensive. But these ‘things’ should provide us all with memories that last a lifetime. Finding these perfect experiences can be a daunting task, but we’re here to help make that search that little bit easier. There are some great examples of experiences that we list that have made families up and down the country memories that will last years in the future.

Taking your kids, or grandkids to a Harry Potter studio tour, or showing them the Star Wars experiences at Disneyland are some of the most popular ways families have been able to enjoy the stories they love and know together. The magic doesn’t need to stop once the movie has finished! Take your family to enjoy a great day out and immerse yourselves together with one of the many experiences that are great for people of all ages.

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