Survival Escape - The Last of us Survivors

Survival Escape - The Last of us Survivors

Experience Overview

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Hardcore survival horror The Last of us Survivors
Experience the survival challenge coupled with extreme horror with a completely new real life gaming experience!

Battlefield for Friends presents The Last of us Survivors.
It's not a game. It's reality.

What happens when humanity is wiped out by an illness and you are one of the last survivors? In this scenario, you will experience the story firsthand - 48 hours straight and inspired by the world-famous horror survival game The Last of us and The Last of us 2. You join one of the factions that remain after the cruel waves of death. This spectacular 48 hour scenario is more about the decision in the group and the common approach to win. How will you react, what's really in you?

In addition to a spectacularly staged story, you experience a world with hostile factions and different licker types (infected with fungus), all of which are targeting you and your faction. In addition to intense survival elements, you will experience extreme horror situations and have to be prepared for everything!

The game is played with an app technology newly developed by us in the event area with which you can level up during the event and unlock achievements as well as weapons and equipment. Your releases, such as medi-packs or fire starter kits, will then be made available to you and your team. We provide cell phones and the necessary technology.

What awaits you:
> New app & level system
> 48h survival horror
> Completing orders, getting goods
> Over 100 bunker structures and 500,000 sqm of play area
> Competitive character
> Anyone could be your enemy
> Delete enemy factions
> Dangerous lickers lurk everywhere
> Unlock weapons and equipment

The aim of the game:
... is to survive, to decimate or completely wipe out the opposing factions, to control / occupy areas and to expand your own faction camp so that you are the ruler of all other factions. Based on the level and point system, there is only one winner in the end.

The medication to stop the fungal infection in the brain is regularly dropped as an airdrop and it has to be fought for. Additional Medi-Packs are included in the charge to heal and revive players without losing points.

Join a faction and fight with your team for survival. Each faction has different advantages and disadvantages as well as different starting conditions. Here we introduce you to the political groups:

Survivor - survivor of the infection. They struggle through and try to maintain a normal everyday life.
Starting conditions: few weapons, average food
Military Front - Are all surviving ex military personnel. They have come together to use force of arms to transform the remaining world into a dark regime.
Starting conditions: many weapons, little food
Fallen Angel - Are religious fanatic disciples. They think that they are the chosen ones and try to wipe out all those who disbelieve.
Starting conditions: average weapons, a lot of food
Opponent types:

Runner - Infected fast runners who hunt in packs and are extremely dangerous especially at night, especially those who broke out of the former test laboratory.
Scrapper - radioactively contaminated and heavily armored mutants. Slow but hard to kill

Starting Friday 12:00 pm You can come to the site. The instruction begins at around 2 p.m. You will be equipped and instructed in the technique and gameplay. Depending on the number of participants, you will be assigned to a group. The event ends on Sunday at around 12:00 noon.

You can also book additional nights on site for 10 per night (must be specified when booking the ticket). The room deposit is 50 and will be paid back on departure.

Please bring suitable clothing and footwear. Bring change clothes for the trip home if necessary. Consider all sorts of weather and prepare for the worst.

Eating and drinking
No own food is allowed! During the event you will find food and water.
Lunch and a free drink after the event are included for you!

Bro?ek 21, 68-343 Bro?ek, Poland (Enter Battleground Paintball on Google Maps)

We expressly point out that you are entering into a contract with a specific date, so there is NO possibility of cancellation or cancellation after booking. If you are not sure or would like to book for several people, contact us.

Important note on sending tickets!
After you have completed your booking, you will receive a confirmation of the reserved cards on site, sent by email. It is then sufficient if you register by name on the day of the event. If you want to give away the tickets, we ask you to write this in a separate email. Only then will the tickets be sent to you. We make this little gesture to love the environment

Date Duration: 

September 11, 2020 - September 13, 2020


2:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Days of the week:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Cost: £


Berlin - Brozek, PL 68343 Zasieki

Need help?

We can help you get the best deals and secure tickets when ticket numbers are limited. Get in touch here and we will get back to you with available dates at the best prices.

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