Work hard, play hard. That’s the motto we’re all familiar with. Sometimes trying to find the right corporate events or activities can be super tricky. Whether you are looking for a team building exercise, or simply just a way to have fun with work colleagues – we provide a list of options that offer the best corporate offerings there are.

Well, we provide plenty of options for whatever you’re looking to do. A corporate away day that will sure to be enjoyable and immerse your team into the world of a famous film or TV show. So what examples do we have to show? Well, if you’re looking for fun team building exercises – ask yourself what could be better than living life like Game of Thrones and camping out in the scenic areas of Ireland.


Or if that doesn’t take your fancy, what about participating in Escape Rooms that are Peaky Blinders themed or themed after top Sci-Fi films? You see the options are endless, and by booking through us you’ll not only be able to get unique experiences that you can’t get anywhere else, but you will also get fantastic deals that are sure to give you great value for money (and stay on budget).