Okay, now these are some of the most popular ‘things to do’ if you are a big big fan of a particular film or TV show. MCM Comic-Con is a convention that is massively popular and bring in people from all around the world. We list this, and many other types of conventions where fans of films, TV shows and games can attend to enjoy the latest news and dress up to meet other likeminded fans. What’s more is that there are always plenty of things to do –from meeting cast members to participating in activities – conventions are all out fun for the die hard fans!

Then there are the festivals and parties that are just fantastic experiences – even for the less die hard fans. Two that have standed out are the Peaky Blinders festival and the Friend-fest. Both have grown significantly to have massive attendances, and people around the world travel just to attend. Other than props, activities and food, there are plenty of unqiue reasons to attend each one.


For the Peaky Blinders festival – there are special barbers that will give you haircuts in the same fashion as those you see on the show! For Friends-fest you can actually visit the sets that made up all the apartments from the classic TV show. Straight out – amazing!

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